Our History

Our History:

Mal-Kan Farms was established in 1998 by Malkit and Kanwaljit Dhillon. Located on the 30 acre family farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Mal-Kan Farms is a grower, packer, and distributor of farm fresh blueberries for consumers throughout the world. Although the company dates back to the 90’s, the family history of farming dates to over 100 years ago. After conversations within the family about what to write about here, we found a strong pattern of our core values which have been - Family, Quality, and Community.

Malkit and Kanwaljit immigrated from India to Canada in the early 80’s. After countless years of working from farm to farm and in the lumber industry, they realized that the farm lands are where they belong. Both of their parents and grandparents farmed in India with mostly manual labour by using nothing more than their bare hands to plant crops and by using ox and camels to plow the fields. Learning from example, both owners understood the heart and soul it takes to farm and the positive economic impact that farming has on the local community. Jobs were created for the community by their parents in India and they wanted to continue doing this for the people of Canada. Giving back to the community.

Mal-Kan Farms ensures a top quality product by implementing food safety initiative programs like the CanadaGAP (Good Agricultural Practices). 

Take a browse. There’s a lot going on up here in Blueberry Land!

Harvest Season: Summer (July to September)


We are proud of having met the CanadaGAP® Food Safety Program requirements, a certification that assures compliance to the CanadaGAP® standard for production of blueberries. CanadaGAP® is a food safety program for companies that produce, handle and broker fruits and vegetables. The program has received full Canadian Government Recognition and is designed to help implement and maintain effective food safety procedures within fresh produce operations.

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Blueberry Varieties: Bluecrop, Duke, and Elliot


The Bluecrop Northern Highbush Blueberry Plant is a widely grown, mid-season variety that is considered to possibly be the best all-around northern highbush blueberry for both commercial and home-orchard applications. The Bluecrop Northern Highbush Blueberry Plant produces large, sweet berries on 4-6 foot tall upright growing bushes. Medium size fruit with a high sugar content.


This plant blooms late, but ripens early July. It is a heavy, consistent producer. Berries are mildly tart, medium to large in size, very firm, and retains a fresh quality longer than most other varieties. Tastes just like a good supermarket blueberry – perfect balance between sweet and tart.


Very Late producer. In northern areas, Elliott is a fall-bearing blueberry. Bright burgundy colored wood accents the grey-green foliage and sky blue berries. The late bloom period misses most spring frost and the heavy bud set on Elliott assures the grower of bountiful crops. Big and flavorful. This late-season variety will give you ½” berries that are firm, easy-to-pick and perfect for fresh eating or cooking.

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